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9 Tips For Women To Be Safe At Night

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Women are very vulnerable to violence and crimes specially at night. Even with the world advancing so much, women are still not safe on the streets even in the most developed of nations. This is evident from the huge amount of crimes against women even in countries like USA, UK and other developed nations.

Here are a few tips to help a woman if she has to travel to some place late in the evenings or night:

  1. The best things to do for women is to always try and have some company when you are traveling at night. As much as possible avoid venturing out at night by yourself.
  2. While traveling in the evenings, aim for well trafficked streets and roads. Try to avoid as much as possible those streets which tend to be deserted or have few travelers.
  3. Avoid wearing jewelery when you are out at night. Even fake jewelery might attract chain snatchers.
  4. Be extra careful while boarding or getting down a bus, train or while riding on an escalator as pickpockets might usually strike at such times.
  5. While walking on sidewalks, keep your handbags and other valuables away from the street sides.
  6. If you have to ask for directions, it is better to approach families or women.
  7. As soon as you get into your car after you come from shopping, eating or from your office, lock the doors. Don’t delay doing this.
  8. The elbow seems to be the strongest part of your body. keep this in mind if you ever need to use it and have the opportunity to do so.
  9. Don’t put off things for evenings and night which you can do during broad daylight like going to the laundry to get your clothes etc. Many women may say that its usually quieter and more peaceful in the evenings, but safety should be the first priority in such cases.
  10. It can help if women learn a few self defense tips and techniques just to be on the safer side – woman self defense