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Men s Clothes Advice On Buying A New Top

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The cyclical nature of fashion will mean that your wardrobe is most likely going to be on the ‘out’ at some point in its lifetime. Luckily, in men’s clothing, a few recognized styles and tips for wear will always remain high up in the cool ratings.

T-Shirts are the most popular and widely available type of top you will find when shopping for Men’s clothing. A style that has grown in popularity recently to become a symbol of cool is the nautical style T-shirt. Available in a long sleeve or short sleeve style these shirts are primarily for casual outings. Different designs in the neck are also common to provide a good variety of options to choose from.

By revitalizing the way business attire is seen, designers have given us another gift on the side. Business shirts are now available in ‘slim fit’ designs and have really come along in terms of color choice. Patterns are now available that don’t make the wearer look like an overdressed tea towel. This means that these business shirts are dual function, now applicable to casual events also. A smart collared shirt, unbuttoned with the sleeves rolled up, turns a formal top into a cool casual top that will have any man looking smarter.

The Internet is helpful for many things and cool tops that you can design yourself are plentiful. You can use existing designs and add your own finishing touches or browse around the web for a design you like and recreate it (copyright permitting) for a fraction of the cost. Many of these websites give discounts for multiple purchases, meaning you can update your T-shirt, sweater or polo shirt collection all at once with a few cool new designs.

To make any top look cool it needs to fit you right. It’s not all about having the most up to date style of top; you need to know what the coolest look for you would be. Most tops fall into the loose fit or tight fit category, with small variations to be found. Tight fit tops will look cool if you have tone to display as they hug the contours of the body. Looser fitting tops will hide away any unseemly parts of the body and give a generally more casual look

The Top 5 Style Tips For Women That You Will Love

Style is everything. When you walk out the door what you have on gives you confidence for the day. And if you don’t look and feel your best, you won’t perform your best. Below you will find 5 style tips for women that will help you always look good when you walk out the door.

Know Thy Body

Most women have no idea what looks good on them. As a result they wear the wrong style clothing. They wear clothing that doesn’t flatter their shape. That’s why it is so important that you know and understand your body shape. If you are a petite woman avoid wearing chunky clothes and strong prints.

The best look for you is something more fitted. Busty women should skirts that catch the eye. That way all of the attention won’t be on your breasts. If you are comfortable enough, wear a short skirt and show off your legs. Avoid wearing tops with a lot of prints and colors. Instead wear long jackets that draw the eyes down.

If you are a pear shaped women like me, vertical lines are your friend. You want to wear the A-line skirts that come just below the knee. V-neck shirts are great too. Tall women, you should avoid anything that’s too tight. Its all about proper proportion for you. Never wear anything that’s too short or too long.

Make Sure Your Style Fits Your Personality

What’s your personality? Are you sporty, urban chic, sexy, romantic, retro chic, artsy or a rocker girl? We all have different personalities and our clothes should be a direct reflection of our personality. If you are not a rocker chic you shouldn’t be dressing like one.

When you wear something that doesn’t fit who you really are, it shows. On the other hand, when you wear something that is true to who you are, that shoes as well. So be who you are. It’s okay! This just might be the most important style tip for women.

Go Back To The Basics

Many times women get so caught up in the latest trend that they forget about the basics. Well its time to go back to the basics. The basics are items that every woman must have. They include a pair of jeans, a pair of black dress pants, a white shirt and a nice pair of boots. Once you have the basics you can build on to that.

Basic items go with just about anything. So when you are out shopping, look for things that you can wear with your basics. Doing this will save you a lot of money when you go shopping.

Don’t Be Afraid To Experiment

Too many women get stuck with their fashion. They find something that works and they will wear it for 20 years. You can’t be afraid to experiment. If you know and understand your body type experimenting can be a lot of fun. Try out different looks to see what works for you. One thing you can do is take a picture of yourself in different looks. That way you can look at the pictures and see which one looks best on you.

Always Try Your Clothes On

If you are anything like me you do not like trying clothes on. However, on the list of style tips for women this is probably right at the top. You have to try your clothes on. How else will you know if they are the perfect fit? Just take my advice and always try your clothes on. That’s the best style tips for women I can give you.

9 Tips For Women To Be Safe At Night

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Women are very vulnerable to violence and crimes specially at night. Even with the world advancing so much, women are still not safe on the streets even in the most developed of nations. This is evident from the huge amount of crimes against women even in countries like USA, UK and other developed nations.

Here are a few tips to help a woman if she has to travel to some place late in the evenings or night:

  1. The best things to do for women is to always try and have some company when you are traveling at night. As much as possible avoid venturing out at night by yourself.
  2. While traveling in the evenings, aim for well trafficked streets and roads. Try to avoid as much as possible those streets which tend to be deserted or have few travelers.
  3. Avoid wearing jewelery when you are out at night. Even fake jewelery might attract chain snatchers.
  4. Be extra careful while boarding or getting down a bus, train or while riding on an escalator as pickpockets might usually strike at such times.
  5. While walking on sidewalks, keep your handbags and other valuables away from the street sides.
  6. If you have to ask for directions, it is better to approach families or women.
  7. As soon as you get into your car after you come from shopping, eating or from your office, lock the doors. Don’t delay doing this.
  8. The elbow seems to be the strongest part of your body. keep this in mind if you ever need to use it and have the opportunity to do so.
  9. Don’t put off things for evenings and night which you can do during broad daylight like going to the laundry to get your clothes etc. Many women may say that its usually quieter and more peaceful in the evenings, but safety should be the first priority in such cases.
  10. It can help if women learn a few self defense tips and techniques just to be on the safer side – woman self defense

Essential Beauty Tips for Men

It may sound strange to be discussing beauty tips for men, but men are just as concerned about their appearance as women. However, they may not be aware that there are many helpful ways to enhance the impression they portray to others. This is not only important when enjoying the company of women, but also vital for business and social settings. Here are three essential beauty tips for men that one would be amiss to ignore.

  1. Physical Grooming — The first area that should receive attention is physical grooming. Men often feel that the daily shower and shave process is all the cleansing needed. This is not true. Everyone, men and women alike should pay special attention to good facial cleansing morning and night, including weekly facial masks to cleanse pores to prevent blackheads. This is definitely not an exclusive feminine grooming need. Following thorough cleansing, trim or otherwise remove any wild hairs on the eyebrows, nose and ears. Most barbers perform this trim as part of the regular haircut, but the need will often arise between barber visits.

Concerning the shaving process, another tip is important. Men should either be cleanly shaven or wear a neatly trimmed beard. The stubble look portrays a look of laziness and is no longer fashionable. Experiment with aftershaves and colognes to find the right fragrance for your body chemistry. Men should always smell nice, but the wrong or too strong a fragrance will be offensive.

  1. Cosmetics (You Heard Me!) — The next area of beauty tips for men may be surprising. Most men think that wearing makeup is not even to be considered. However, there are makeup products made especially for men and one of the most popular is called a guyliner, which is regularly used by many celebrities. Using a small amount of dark eye shadow on the eye lids will emphasize your eyes and produce a smoky and sexy look. If you have uneven skin tone on your face, a little foundation can be used to blend away the blotchy look. And keep a tube of lip balm with you at all times to keep your lips moist, especially if you hope a date will end with a goodnight kiss.
  2. Context-Driven Style — No list of tips would be complete without addressing clothing. The most important consideration is the type of occasion for which you will dressing, from an elegant restaurant, a serious business meeting or a movie date. Every man should possess at least one high quality suit, with appropriate shirts and ties. If you are unsure of the right style, enlist the help of knowledgeable staff at a fine clothing shop. Clothing does not have to be expensive, just well fitting and stylish, but the correct clothing is certainly worth the price. When dressing, to help ensure you are wrinkle free, hang your clothing in the bathroom while you shower. The steam will remove any wrinkles.

Incorporating a few of these beauty tips for men into your daily regimen will make you stand out in a positive way and give you the natural confidence that will make you look good as well as feel good.

Top 10 Fashion and Style Tips for Men

Today’s metrosexual, cosmopolitan and fashion forward man would have no qualms in admitting that what is equally important to him as his manly image is being stylish. He wants to be updated with what’s latest in fashion, what’s hot and not. So here’s a chance for the men folk to spice up their wardrobe with the latest trends, colors and style all at once. Read on as we take you on a fashion tour to enlighten you of the top 10 fashion and style tips for men.

  1. Suit up! Nail the Coat & Tie Look. This gentlemen’s look is perfect for another office day, and coupled with right trousers, crisp shirt with cufflinks, even more perfect for a day full of business meetings.
  2. The ripped denims with tee look can never go out of fashion. If you’re looking to play around with the look a little bit, wear slippers in funky colors and a square-shaped scarf tied around in style!
  3. Color is not just meant to be a little something we see splashed around in a woman’s closet. Now men can play with it too. Be it coats, jackets, shirts or pants, go for colors like red, purple, orange, blue, green, yellow etc. But yes, running around the trees looking like a goon is not on the agenda. Match colors properly with classic dark shades!
  4. Make people notice that whenever you enter a room, you come with a bag. There are several options available in colors, designs, cuts and styles when it comes to men’s bags. Briefcases, duffle bags, laptop bags, sling bags, backpacks… phewww!!! The list is endless.
  5. A man is known by the shoes he wears. Wear well fitted, polished and good-looking shoes whatever be the occasion. There’s nothing more that suits a man than formal shoes. There are a range of brands that offer formal shoes. Apart from that, there a plethora of options in sports shoes, sneakers, sandals,boots etc.
  6. A good smelling man is the most attractive man in the world. Every man has his own signature fragrance and make sure you know yours and leave behind a trail of fresh air as you walk into a room.
  7. Accessorize it right! If a man know how to get his watch, sunglasses, belt, tie, cufflinks, wallet etc. right, then the look is right. Of course you have to know how much is too much. If you want to wear it all at once, you can look stylish only if you mix and match well. So it’s better to keep it understated!
  8. For the fall season, tie a scarf around and keep away the harsh winds away while you look oh-so-good. Scarves work well for both the casual and formal when tied up and teamed properly. Avoid flashy colors.
  9. Men’s jewelry has been doing the rounds in the fashion circuit for a while now and refuses to leave. The daring man of today is completely secure of his masculinity, so the occasional earrings, bracelets, rings, chains etc. happens.
  10. Traditional wear on men looks undoubtedly sexy. Try brands like Fab India, Yell, Earthy Hues and more for that handsome ethnic look.

Big and Tall Men s Clothes Tips

When it’s difficult to shop in regular men’s clothing departments because the pant legs are all too short, the button up shirts don’t want to button, or there is no way to get pants that fit properly at the waist and ankles simultaneously, it’s time to check out shops that offer big and tall men’s clothes.

There is a misconception out there that big and tall men’s clothing is for men who are obese, but that is often the furthest thing from the truth. While unconventional clothing sizes such as 5X are represented within the big and tall clothing category, so are sizes such as XL which notate extra length for taller men. Some clothing for taller men can be made very slender, since many men who have extra height are quite thin.

Big and tall men’s clothes make it possible for men of any size to look and feel their best. While selections in this category of men’s clothing was once very limited, it is a booming market today. Most cities now have small shops that cater exclusively to big and tall men’s clothes and there are tons of retailers online offering very large selections of clothing just for bigger and taller men.

There simply is no excuse for any man to wear clothes that fit poorly or that don’t flatter their body type. Anyone can go online and find everything from t-shirts and button-up dress shirts to blue jeans, slacks, and business suits.

There are even online retailers selling formal wear and full tuxedos in big and tall sizes!

Just as men of conventional height and size can shop from stores packed with many different styles and color options, men who happen to be larger or taller now have the same luxury when they shop for big and tall men’s clothes online.

There are some big and tall men’s shops opening up in strip malls in most larger cities, but the selection from these shops tends to be more limited than what is often found online. These shops may also have higher prices than what can be found online, especially if discount stores and sales are shopped.

The best way to get affordable deals on big and tall men’s clothes is to shop online and purchase in quantity. It is a good idea to place a small order for one shirt and pair of pants when shopping with a new brand that has not been worn before.

Once the required size has been determined then it’s a good idea to buy clothing from that brand in bulk so it all comes in one larger shipment. This will be more affordable then paying for numerous smaller shipments.

Many online big and tall men’s clothes shops will also give shipping discounts for larger orders and some may offer completely free shipping on orders above $50 or $100. That equals out to a huge savings for men who purchase larger batches of clothing at once.

The most amazing thing about big and tall men’s clothes today is that they aren’t cheaply made or outdated. There are many big and tall brands now offering very stylish, hip clothes that make men feel confident and attractive.

Today, it’s no big deal if regular sized clothing doesn’t fit very well. Smart men just go online and find big and tall men’s clothes that is just as good looking and affordable, but which was designed for their body type.

5 Tips To Help You Shop For Clothes Online

Although online shopping has become very popular in the last number of years, with more and more people flocking to the Internet to buy anything from groceries, to furniture, people are still a bit apprehensive when it comes to shopping online for clothes. A lot of people cannot understand how you can decide a garment would look good on you without trying it on first, which is understandable. But there are many benefits to shopping online for clothes, including massive deals, which should tempt anyone to try clothes shopping online.

In this article I would like to share my 5 tricks to help you shop online for clothes, so that you are satisfied with your experience, whether you choose to keep the items you buy or not!

  1. Read The Product Description Carefully
    At first this might sound pretty obvious, but I myself am very much guilty of ‘quick glance shopping syndrome’. When shopping online you browse around the websites looking at pictures of products, and once you see a picture of something you like, you might not read the entire product description in detail. You might simply read the item summary, without going into the nitty gritty detail of the product. This is a big mistake, as the description might contain information about the product which might not appeal to you, and which would influence your purchasing decision. It might also give some clues about the sizing and fit of that particular garment.

Once in fact, I bought a dress from an online store I had shopped from multiple times before. I ordered my usual size without reading the entire product description and sure enough when the dress arrived it was pretty tight at the shoulders and I had to get it fixed. I was rather surprised (and upset), but when I checked back on the website there it was on the product description… It said that this dress runs small so they suggested ordering a size up! Now had I read through the entire product description in the first place! So make sure you read the entire product description before you even add an item to your cart, let alone check out.

  1. Measure Up (And Check That Size Chart!)
    When shopping for clothes online it is important that you consult with the store’s size chart to ensure you are ordering the correct size for your figure. Do not order the size you ‘usually’ buy because different designers and different stores sometimes have their own unique size charts, which vary. Therefore measure yourself first; usually having your bust, waist and hip measurements should suffice for you to determine where in the store’s size chart you fit. This will help you select the correct size every time.
  2. Use Store Shopping Tools
    Many online clothes stores these days provide unique tools to help their shoppers identify those items which would suit their body best. Check the online store you’re shopping on to see whether they provide such tools to help you select your ideal items; many women’s clothes stores provide this feature, which you might find listed under ‘Shop by Body Shape’ or ‘Shop by Body Type’.
  3. Check Return Policy (in Detail!)
    No matter how hard you try to select the right items in the right size, having to return something once in a blue moon is inevitable. For this reason, it is very important to know before you actually buy from an online store, what their return policy is. Check whether they give refunds, whether they give store credit, whether you can return sale items, etc. Different stores have very different return policies, so do not just assume you can return an item. Check these fine details out before you actually make your purchase, to make sure you are covered in case you need to return an item,
  4. Check Return Shipping Policy
    Some online stores these days offer free return shipping. What this means is that if you decide to return an item, the store will cover your costs for shipping that item back to them. Stores that have such a policy are usually the ones who take customer service very seriously, and are ones who are determined to make their customers’ shopping experience a pleasant one, so you should feel safe doing business with them. Look out for such a policy before ordering, as knowing that any return shipping is covered will make your online shopping experience worry free.

There you have five tips to help you make better choices when shopping for clothes online. Remember that you can get extra special deals online, so I encourage you to give online apparel shopping a go in the very near future.